Every school is on an improvement journey, and every school has different priorities and needs. Our SLEs develop bespoke support plans with you. Popular recent areas for support have been:

Peer Review Training for Developing Middle Leadership Capacity

This programme upskills middle leaders in the skills of peer review. Participants will work with experienced SLE facilitators to target improvement within their schools to develop a bespoke professional learning programme which responds to identified shared needs. It aims to build a sustainable, self-improving network of middle leaders in our area who are jointly responsible for the improvement of themselves and their peers. The project will:

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  • Focus on identified areas in the network schools
  • Be structured around an open, rigorous, evidence-based peer-review process which will drive improvement
  • Be underpinned by Ofsted frameworks, but look deeper and beyond
  • Support schools to disseminate learning and build capacity for sustained improvement  in network schools
  • Foster a coaching culture for growth, resilience, and professional development
  • Encourage increased responsibility and accountability for the quality of Teaching & Learning in their Departments
  • Upskill middle leaders and ‘talent-spot’ for future SLEs


What are the intended outcomes for teachers following this programme?

  • A group of upskilled subject leaders in each school who are confident to drive improvements in their own departments using a review process, and provide a model for improved middle leadership across their own schools
  • Action planning for targeted areas
  • Improved teaching and learning and pupil outcomes in target areas
  • A clearer understanding of the barriers to outstanding learning for all students, and the effective strategies for subject leaders to mitigate these
  • A sustainable network of middle leaders in our area


Pupil Premium Review

A pupil premium review looks at how your school is spending its pupil premium funding. The purpose of the review is to improve your school’s pupil premium strategy, so that you spend the funding on approaches shown to be effective in improving the achievement of disadvantaged pupils.

The reviewer will be an independent, experienced SLE with a track record of making these improvements for disadvantaged pupils.

Does my school need a pupil premium review?

You can commission a review at any time if you want to improve your school’s pupil premium strategy. All schools should consider whether they could benefit from the fresh perspective of an experienced school leader to help them try new approaches or improve current provision to help raise the attainment of their disadvantaged pupils.

Ofsted will recommend that you commission a review if, as a result of a section 5 inspection, it identifies specific issues regarding the provision for disadvantaged pupils.

In some cases, the Department for Education, your local authority, your regional schools commissioner, or the organisation involved in running your school, academy or free school (for example, the trust or diocese) may recommend that you commission a review if there are concerns about the results of your disadvantaged pupils.

You should start the process of commissioning a review within 2 weeks of it being recommended and should aim to have the review completed within 8 weeks. If an Ofsted inspection report recommends the review, the monitoring inspector will expect it to be undertaken in a timely manner.

How do I book a pupil premium review?

Pupil Premium Reviews can take many forms and are tailored to the needs of the booking school. A 2-day review involves data collection, interviewing of relevant staff and governors/trustees and the writing of a report with recommendations. A more intensive package can also be arranged which would additionally provide support with the implementation of the recommendations.

As a guide, a 2-day review costs £650 per day + VAT.

To book a Pupil Premium Review, contact Jon Mason, Principal of Chepping View Primary Academy or Kirsty Elliott, Vice-Principal:
Tel: 01494 535564

This review service is available to Primary, Infant and Junior Schools and Academies based in the following areas: South Buckinghamshire, Maidenhead, Oxford, Slough and Reading. If your school lies outside this area and you would like to discuss a review, please contact us using the details given above.